IPL Laser

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is one of the latest additions to cosmetic dermatology. Suitable for sensitive skin areas and can be used effectively for whole body. It gently removes imperfections from your skin i.e. sun damage, precancerous lesions, fine lines, fine wrinkles, and pigmentation. It can be safely performed over your lunch break, with little or no discomfort and minimum recovery time. Skin resurfacing treatments can also be used on your neck, chest, hands, and arms, where the skin needs minor tightening.

Pigmentation, acne removal, vascular therapy and wrinkle removal

This technology is used to reduce hair growth and skin pigmentation. The light is attracted to dark areas so this suits fairer skinned people the best. This is a suitable way to treat both brown skin pigmentation (sun damage and hormone related melasma) as well as red skin pigmenation (eg rosacea and fine thread veins).

Usage: Skin Care, Hair Reduction, Body Shaping, Anti Aging Solution, Advanced Skin Care

Our advanced skin care services provide comprehensive solutions for all common
skin concerns:
Acne scars/Stretch marks,
Spider veins/Varicose Veins
Pigmentation/wrinkle removal/Dark cirkles