Diet for Active Kids

Kids involve more than 18hrs /day in physical and mental activity, so we must provide healthy diet that helps them to maintain their nutrients level in body. Balance of nutrients boost their immunity that helps them to grow well and protect their body from diseases.

we can categorize kids diet by following ways:

*Super Diet( 2/day):
Almond milk: soak the almond in a milk helps them to grow their brain development.
Brown rice and stuffed chapati: helps them in growth of muscles and provide stamina for their cognitive and motor development.
Pulses: helps in fast wear and tear actions.

Egg: provide muscle growth and strong their liver to restore basic major nutrients.
Curd: increase the capability of digestive system.
White butter: soothes system and improve their bowel movement.
Fruit: provide multi vitamin for maintaining glucose cycle in a body.

Mutton: improve rbc(red blood cell) level.
Exercise or running: make your kid more physically and mentally active.

*Cheating Diet(1/15 days)
Pizza: give your kids psychological happiness and feel pampered.
Junk food choose from healthy and branded place to protect your child from infection.